Server: $500 tip from mystery couple ‘amazing’

Kalamazoo and Battle Creek

AUGUSTA, Mich. (WOOD) — A server at a small-town café just outside Kalamazoo says she won’t forget a couple’s act of kindness, which came in the form of a $500 tip. And the generosity didn’t stop there.

The people at the Dig-In Café in Augusta know each other well, with the exception of a mysterious couple who dined there Saturday.

“They got up and they said, ‘Everything’s all set. We left the money on the table.  You’re all good to go,’” recalled server Kristin Wykoski.  

When she went to pick up the check, she noticed something unusual.

“And I looked down and then I saw, there was literally five $100 bills stacked, and it had a piece of tape and some Christmas stickers on it. And it was $500,” she said. “It was amazing.”

The tip created such a clatter, Wykoski sprang from the table to see what was the matter.

“And I immediately ran to the door,” she said. “I just wanted to go give them a hug. I mean, it was amazing. And I went to walk out the door and they saw me grab the door handle, and they sped off.”

The giving wasn’t finished. There happened to be five people working in the café that day.

“We had a dishwasher, two cooks and then us two waitresses up front, and I never thought twice about it,” Wykoski said. 

She gave $100 to each of her co-workers.

“It’s not about the money,” Wykoski said. “It’s just about just putting that spark into someone that there’s good people out there.”

Later that day, Wykoski posted this Facebook message “to the amazing couple:”

“You gave me and the four other people that I was working with at Dig-In today so much more than $100 each… collectively, we are a single mom who still needs to go Christmas shopping, a single income family, a young girl who didn’t have enough money to buy her dad a birthday gift, a young girl who was taking her $100 to give to her mom so her brothers & sisters would have Christmas gifts and me — so grateful for the gift of giving. 

“Truly remarkable what you did. I’ll never forget this day!” 

Wykoski said if she met the pair of generous strangers again, she’d have a plan.

“I would just express to them the impact that they had. It was being able to give those people that money. There’s just nothing like it,” she said.   

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