PORTAGE, Mich. (WOOD) — Tests have found PFAS, a likely carcinogen, in several public drinking wells in Portage, but authorities say the levels are within safety limits.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality took took public water samples from eight public water locations in the City of Portage on June 14. Those locations included certain municipal wells and the Garden Lane Water Treatment Facility.

The DEQ says of the eight samples taken, two returned positive results. One tested at 13 parts per trillion and the other at 2 ppt. That’s far below the state limit for drinking water, which is 70 ppt. Officials say that at those levels, the PFAS shouldn’t cause any harm.

Regardless, the city of Portage said in a Saturday release that it will take every action to eliminate PFAS from its water system. That may include taking certain municipal wells offline, increasing testing and providing directed treatment or flushing.

“The City of Portage takes the DEQ PFAS test results very seriously. We intend to address the PFAS condition aggressively and to notify the citizens of the results of our efforts on an ongoing basis,” City Manager Laurence Shaffer said in a statement.