BANGOR, Mich. (WOOD) — A medical marijuana dispensary in Bangor expects to be the first in the Kalamazoo area to begin recreational sales.

The Green Door applied for the special license Nov. 6 and passed the first round of state approval.

According to co-owner Mark Smith, the business sent in its final application Monday. If approved, it expects to begin selling in the next two to three weeks.

Smith anticipates a limited initial supply of adult-use marijuana.

“There is going to be a major shortage in the adult-use,” Smith said. “There is just not enough product out there right now for the medical side, let alone adult-use.”

The state has created detailed regulations, requiring a separate counter and cash register. 

Smith says it will basically be like running two separate businesses in the same building. The amount of product allowed to be sold for adult-use will also be limited. 

“Everything you have to keep separate, all the paperwork,” Smith said. “All the inventory, all the money.”

The Green Door says the state will allow up to 50 percent of the inventory to be used for recreational sales.

The owners are also expanding their grow operation in Bangor called PM Growers because of the expected increase in demand.

“We’ve been operating that for about seven months, and we just started building another 12,000 square foot building,” Smith said.

Based on high demand at other businesses already selling adult-use marijuana around the state, the Green Door expects to have a line on the first day.