Flooding prompts road closures across W. MI

Kalamazoo and Battle Creek
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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Heavy rain and snow melts have caused road closures due to flooding across West Michigan.

The National Weather Service advises drivers who see water covering the roadway to “turn around, don’t drown.”>>Inside woodv.com:Full 2018 flood coverage | Traffic conditions

Municipalities have said the following streets are closed due to flooding:


  • 13th Street south of 102nd Avenue;
  • 15th Street at 111th Avenue;
  • 22nd Street between 137th and 138th avenues;
  • 44th Street at 106th Avenue;
  • 68th Street between 104th and 107th avenues;
  • 104th Avenue from 58th to 56th streets;
  • 139th Avenue between 36th Street and 140th Avenue.

Online: Allegan County Road Commission


  • Barger Road between Thornapple and Center;
  • Bayne Road between Woodland and Eaton;
  • Bowler Road between Ragla and Farrel;
  • Charlton Road between M-43 and Barnum
  • Cox Road between Clark and Curtis;
  • Eagle Point off Woodland Road;
  • East State Road between M-66 and Wellman;
  • Holden Road between Goodrich Road and Holmes Road;
  • The Irving Road Bridge over the Thornapple River;
  • Marshall Road between Lawrence and Maple Grove;
  • McCann Road from Irving Road to W. State Road;
  • River Road between Old Nashville and McKeown;
  • River Road between Matheson Road and Charlton Park Road;
  • Saddlebag Lake Road between Carlton Center and M-66;
  • Superior Street off Thornapple Lake Road;
  • Thornapple Lake Road between Devine and Price;
  • 108th Street between Patterson and Duncan Lake.

Online: Barry County Road Commission


  • Fort Custer Drive north of M-96 in Ross Township;
  • Historic Bridge Park in Emmett Township is closed;
  • Linear Park path is closed between Division and Elm street;
  • S Long Lake Drive between Long Lake Drive and R Avenue in Pavilion Township;
  • TS Avenue between 39th and 42nd streets in Climax Township;
  • Union Street is closed north of Ivanhoe Street in Battle Creek;
  • W Avenue between 29th and 36th streets in Brady Township;
  • X Avenue between 4th and 6th streets in Prairie Ronde Township;
  • XY Avenue between 4th and 6th streets in Prairie Ronde Township;
  • 6th Street between XY and YZ avenues in Prairie Ronde Township;
  • 10th Street between W. B Avenue and Starr Road in Alamo Township;
  • 40th Street between W and X avenues in Wakeshma Township;
  • 44th Street between X and Y avenues in Wakeshma Township.

Online: Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority


  • Bell Road between Keim and Peddler Lake;
  • Bliss between Peck Lake and Grand River;
  • Cassel Road between York and Bippley;
  • Clinton Trail between Bliss and Tasker;
  • Darby between Clarksville and Brooks;
  • Dead end of Okemos Road;
  • Eaton Highway between Harwood and M-66;
  • Eaton Highway between Sunfield and Shilton;
  • Elm Road between Brooks and Clarksville;
  • Elm Road between Clinton Trail and Peddler Lake;
  • Flannigan between Kiddville and M-44;
  • Goodemoot between Tasker a Bliss;
  • Harwood Road between Musgrove and Henderson;
  • Harwood Road between Tupper Lake and Eaton;
  • Hoppough Road south M-44;
  • Kiddville Road between Flannigan and Canfield;
  • Kiddville Road between Orleans and Flanagan;
  • Kiddville Road West of Flannigan;
  • Kiddville Road between Orleans and Canfield;
  • Kramer Road is washed out;
  • Musgrove between Bliss and Tasker;
  • Nickleplate between Hubbardston and O’Mara;
  • Okemos between Peake and Grand River Trail;
  • Olmstead between Stone and Nickelplate;
  • Peddler Lake Road between Elm and Jackson;
  • Reeder Road between Keefer and Lyons;
  • Steele Street between Adams and Dexter;
  • Sunfield between Goodwin and David Highway;
  • Tupper Lake Road between Charlotte and Turner;
  • Wager Road is washed out.

Online: Ionia County Central Dispatch’s Facebook page


Online: Interactive road closure map | City of Kalamazoo flood updates


  • D Avenue from Westnedge Avenue to Riverview Drive in Cooper Township;
  • Fort Custer Drive north of M-96 in Ross Township;
  • 10th Street from W. B Avenue to Starr Road in Alamo Township.

Online: Road Commission of Kalamazoo County

Kalamazoo Valley Community College closed its Culinary/Allied Health & Food Innovations buildings for Monday due to flooding.


  • Abrigador Trail off West River and West River Center;
  • Ashley Avenue between 7 Mile Road and M-44;
  • Austerlitz Avenue off West River Drive;
  • Broadway Avenue north of the railroad tracks in Grandville;
  • Busch Drive in Grandville;
  • Chicago Drive westbound ramp onto I-196;
  • Chicago Drive at Rush Creek, including the I-196 ramps;
  • Division Avenue north of the railroad tracks in Grandville;
  • Franklin Avenue north of the railroad track in Grandville to White Street;
  • Forest Ridge off Coit Avenue;
  • Grand River Drive between Jackson Street and Montcalm Avenue;
  • Indian Drive off West River Drive;
  • Indian Mounds Drive in Grandville;
  • Jackson Street between M-21 and Oberley Drive;
  • Joyce Drive from Cannonsburg Road to Ramsdell Drive;
  • Konkle Drive east of Jupiter Avenue;
  • Mall Avenue off West River Drive;
  • Riverbend between Butterworth and Veterans Drive;
  • River Point off Indian Drive;
  • Sanford Avenue north of Nardin in Grandville;
  • Shady Drive off Knapp Street;
  • Veterans Drive between Maynard and Butterworth in Walker;
  • Walnut Park off Northland Drive;
  • Whipple Street between Shaner Avenue and Myers Lake Road;
  • White Street west of Wilson Avenue;
  • White Street east of Wilson between Church and Ottawa;
  • Willow Drive off 4 Mile Road;
  • Willow Drive off Canright Street;
  • Willow Drive off Bailey Park Drive;
  • Wilson between Chicago Drive and M-11 in Grandville;
  • 60th Street between Pratt Lake Avenue to Montcalm Avenue;
  • 64th Street east of Pratt Lake Avenue.

Online: Kent County Road Commission


  • Farr Road east of Stringer Road due to the failure of the culvert;
  • Heights Ravenna Road between Ensley and Swanson roads in Ravenna Township;
  • Holton Road between Twin Lake and Brunswick, drivers should use Ryerson and Maple Island roads;
  • Peters Road south of Apple Avenue is closed.

Online: Muskegon County Road Commission


  • Barry Street between 144th and 152 avenues;
  • Tyler Street between 72nd and 80th avenues.

Online: Ottawa County Road Commission


  • 30th Street between M-43 and 38th Avenue in Almena Township;
  • 28th Avenue between 49th and 50th streets in Arlington Township;
  • 34th Avenue between CR673 between 52nd Street in Arlington Township;
  • 48th Avenue between 62nd and 62 ½ streets in Bangor Township;
  • 60th Street between CR378 and 34th Avenue in Bangor Township;
  • 18th Avenue between 49th and 50th strets in Columbia Township;
  • 34th Avenue between M-140 and 76th Street in Covert Township;
  • 67th Street from M-43 and 26th Avenue in Geneva Township;
  • 16th Avenue between 60th Street and CR681 in Geneva Township;
  • 4th Avenue between CR681 and 59th Street in Geneva Township;
  • 8th Avenue between 68th and 64th streets in Geneva Township;
  • 67th Street between CR388 and Baseline Road in Geneva Township;
  • 70th Street between CR388 and Baseline Road in Geneva Township;
  • 62nd Street between CR380 and 16th Avenue in Geneva Township;
  • 24th Avenue between 69th and 72nd streets in Geneva Township;
  • CR215 between M-51 and 92nd Avenue in Hamilton Township;
  • CR352 between 60th and 62nd streets in Keeler Township;
  • CR352 between CR681 and 60 1/2 Street in Keeler Township;
  • 50th Street between 60th and 64th streets in Lawrence Township;
  • 54th Street between CR 215 and Red Arrow Highway in Lawrence Township;
  • 40th Street between CR 665 and 47th Street in Paw Paw Township;
  • 34th Street between CR 390 and Baseline Road in Pine Grove Township;
  • 8th Avenue between 30 1/2 Street and CR 653 in Pine Grove Township;
  • 30 1/2 Street between 8th Avenue and CR 390 in Pine Grove Township;
  • 40th Street between CR 665 and 47th Avenue in Waverly Township;
  • 40th Street between 36th Avenue and M-43 in Waverly Township.

Online: Van Buren County Road Commission’s Facebook page

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