WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — A would-be thief appears to have targeted fake gold bars inside a Wyoming business.

Rowdy Lapham tells 24 Hour News 8 that early Sunday morning, someone broke into his business, Old to Gold on Roger B Chaffee Memorial Boulevard.

The business restores hardwood floors, but because of the name, they use fake gold bars for marketing. Lapham said the bars were visible through the window.

“We think the individual broke in to the get the bars… only to discover the bars are fake,” Lapham said.

Once inside, the burglar smashed a cabinet and went through the warehouse. Nothing was stolen.

Lapham said people occasionally call, confused about the name, asking if they buy gold.

“We are adding ‘hardwood floors’ to the front door immediately to hopefully curtail another incident,” Lapham said.

Surveillance cameras inside the business captured a portion of the break-in.

Wyoming police say they took a report about the break-in, but it’s not being investigated because of a “lack of solvability factors” and limited manpower.