GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Families using WIC benefits to get baby formula have been hit especially hard by the recall and the shortage.

Abigail Bishop, the WIC program supervisor in Kent County, says they’ve had families calling every day for help on how to find formula to feed their babies.

“Being a mom myself, having a baby… a newborn, whether you’re a first-time mom or if this is your fifth time doing it, there are a lot of anxieties and fears that come with that in general. Not being able to find formula should not be one of them. We feel, for our families, we are on your side to try to help navigate the market to try to help guide you through to make the best choices for your infant to promote growth, promote development within the resources that we have here at the local WIC office,” Bishop said.

In March, WIC expanded the options for formulas that families could buy using WIC benefits, this included more generic or store brand options. They’ve also been in contact with the state to get updates on the distribution of formulas to various retailers.

WIC has been encouraging families to have conversations with their pediatricians about options and to make sure people don’t do things like water down formula or try making their own.

“We do have nurses and dieticians on staff that can help clients discuss different options of formula or encourage them to call ahead before they go to the store so they’re not driving to five stores spending gas and time. Because as you can imagine, whether you have one child or three children, it’s a lot to navigate that in itself,” Bishop said.

WIC families can find information about formula options on the state’s website. You can also call your local WIC office.