What’s worse: W MI this week or Mt. Everest?

Kent County

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — There have been a lot of comparisons of West Michigan this week to Mars or Mount Everest. We couldn’t ask anyone for a firsthand account from Mars, but we did find someone who’s been to Mount Everest.

Anne Chamberlin of Grand Rapids decided to climb to the base camp at Mount Everest after beating cancer twice. She did it in 2017.

So did West Michigan feel colder this week than Everest?

“It does,” Chamberlin said. “It really does.”

She said part of the reason has to do with what a person is expecting.

“It feels cold here today, colder, because we’re not expecting it, we’re not used to it,” Chamberlin said.

She said it’s also about what people prepare for.

“People here don’t need to buy clothing for 10 below, so I think that’s the difference. It’s not supposed to be this cold, so it feels colder,” Chamberlin said.

She said people endure colder temperatures on Everest because it’s what they’re used to.

“It’s our environment, our way of life here in Michigan that makes this weather so difficult,” she said.

Chamberlain said she still has the gear that she used on Everest, including a sleeping bag good for temperatures up to 60 degrees below zero. She’s hopeful she’ll never need that in West Michigan.

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