GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan gardening icon has called it a career.

Radio host, author and gardening expert Rick Vuyst has ended his time at gardening store Flowerland and his decades-long run as host of radio show “Flowerland Garden Show.” Vuyst has spent 46 years with Flowerland and 30 as a radio host.

“Never imagined, I mean, never imagined,” Vuyst said when asked if he could see his career lasting as long as it did.

His last show was Saturday, June 4.

“The outpouring in the past few days has been unreal, not only people in West Michigan, but people all over the country,” Vuyst said. 

Vuyst said the connection between plants and nature is what has helped create history for mankind.

“To understand that we’re in this together and that’s what made it all work. It’s not about me, it’s about everyone, our community,” Vuyst, said. 

Vuyst told News 8 he isn’t sure what is next. He said he’s still taking it all in and coming to terms with the fact that such a prominent chapter in his life has ended. In terms of immediate plans, he’s looking forward to entering ArtPrize with some pieces developed with his hobby of photography.

However, when it comes to anything gardening related, he’s still taking in all the kudos he’s receiving from the community.

For the full conversation with Rick Vuyst, watch the video in the player above.