ADA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Since the governor’s stay-at-home order, many people have been looking for ways to support their favorite small businesses or restaurants. One way has been to purchase gift cards to use later.

The Ada Business Association took this idea one step further by launching a website — — that puts all their small businesses and eateries all in one place. Business leaders say it became a necessity. 

“Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses may not survive this stay-at-home order and everything we’re going through right now,” Ada Business Association President Kindell Rerucha said. “We want to do everything we can to make sure that they do stay open for the long haul.”

The site arranges all local businesses who wished to participate in one place. It gives consumers a place to shop for gift cards and gift certificates which would put money in the hands of business owners immediately. It can be a great source of income for struggling businesses who need a quick influx of cash when there really isn’t any other way to make some.

They say this new site could save some of their livelihoods. 

“It’s great for giving you some extra cash flow when times are tough like right now,” said Angela Logiudice-Polizzi, the owner of Vitale’s of Ada. “It’s a great way for customers to give us the money now to survive. Then in a couple months you can go back and then use your gift certificates.”

Logiudice-Polizzi says Vitale’s has always offered git cards, but the added exposure on the website they argue doesn’t hurt. 

“I think it’s a great deal. They came up with it and within one week it was up and running,” Logiudice-Polizzi said. “The Ada Business Association has done wonders for our community, for the families. They put together so many great things, and we really like being a part of it.”

Some restaurants continue to have a source of income by offering takeout. However, other shops like salons, boutiques and gift shops are not as fortunate.

“While our restaurants can continue to operate right now like Vitales, a lot of our gift shops or hair salons or retail operations can’t. So, this way you can continue to show your love for all your favorite Ada businesses and it’s all in one spot,” Rerucha said. “All small businesses in all towns across Michigan right now need our support so do whatever you can to contribute.”

The village of Ada hopes the gift certificates and generosity of loyal customers will be enough to carry them through.

“I have deep gratitude to my customers. I have customers that have dropped off flowers to my front door to say thank you for still being open,” Logiudice-Polizzi said. “I have such a profound sense of gratitude to all the customers that we have served in 35 years and my employees because without them we would not exist.”

The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association estimates 1 in 3 restaurants may not reopen. A survey conducted by the organization found approximately 1 in 10 restaurants have either closed permanently or intend to during the month of April.

There is a chance some of the small businesses in Ada could fall into that statistic.

“It’s up to each business to back that gift card. Unfortunately, if something happens and they’re not available down the road or they close down permanently, then we know all of our residents of the village and the surrounding Forrest Hills area are doing this out of the kindness of their heart and would just consider that money a donation,” Rerucha said. “We know that our business community is strong, that we are going to survive. When it comes out of this, we are going to thrive and be even greater and better than we were before. We have faith.”

To browse the list of available businesses and purchase a gift certificate yourself check out the AdaDeals’ website