GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Nine years after opening its doors, Grandville’s Osgood Brewing is getting ready to serve up its last beer.

While the brewery’s bar and beverage sales will carry on until inventory runs out, the restaurant will be permanently closed starting Friday.

“We would’ve loved to have a ‘last day’ event, or tell everyone ahead of time so we could fill the place, but we lack the staff to provide reasonable service. We have seen that scenario play out very poorly at other businesses. It would be unkind to our staff and our guests to attempt it. We realize this may disappoint some of you, and we are sorry we could not have a proper goodbye,” stated in a post on the Osgood Brewing Facebook page.

News 8 stopped by Osgood Brewing Thursday morning. While no sign indicating the business’ plan to permanently close was posted, a message taped to the door hinted to the brewery’s recent challenges.

“Please be patient with our staff today,” it stated. “We currently have one kitchen member and one server who are both working open to close shifts today … Thank you for your business, we appreciate your kindness.”

Osgood Brewing in Grandville on Sept. 1, 2022.

“Ultimately staffing proved to be too difficult,” co-owner Ronald Denning told News 8 in a message Thursday night.

He said staffing the brewery has been a struggle for the last couple years, “but this year has easily been the most difficult.”

He said on Friday and Saturday nights when they normally would have six servers working, they’ve operated with just one server. Ronald Denning said the low staffing challenges also extended to Osgood Brewing’s kitchen.

He thinks the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a lot of people to leave the industry.

“Those that have never worked in the industry don’t realize how difficult of a job it is for staff, and how they have to deal with so many issues, often times it not being their fault,” he said.

Ronald Denning says he’s sure the restaurant industry will recover from the staffing losses over time.

Osgood Brewing was posting messages encouraging people to apply for its openings as recently as Aug. 20 on Facebook, but he says he and his wife and co-owner Mindy Denning began considering closing the brewery before the end of the year earlier this year.

“With some recent staffing changes, we knew it was time,” he said.

Ronald Denning said Osgood Brewing’s bar and beverage sales and mug club pickup will be operating during limited hours over the next few weeks. The business will honor gift cards during its final days as well. Osgood Brewing fans are encouraged to follow the business’ Facebook page to find out when the brewery is open as it winds down operations.

“We want to thank our incredible families, our friends, past and present employees, the City of Grandville, and those of you who made us a regular stop. Your support has meant so much to us,” the business stated on Facebook.

Ronald Denning said he plans to focus on his 22-year career as a teacher at Grandville High School and spend more time with his wife and their three children.