WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — Benji Salon and Spa offers a private and calming sensory room to customers with autism, special needs and those with special circumstances.

Sensory rooms are often built to help those who struggle with overstimulation cope throughout the day. Benji’s calming and relaxing room is meant to create a safe space for its customers who prefer privacy during their haircuts.

“Something as simple as a haircut shouldn’t be stressful on a parent,” said owner Amy Jones.

She said children with autism or special needs often struggle to get their hair cut in a crowded space. Jones wanted to offer a place where families could feel safe to be themselves during their hair appointment.

A sensory room would have been a welcome find for Alison Shaffer when going through chemotherapy. She said that once her hair started to fall out, her family had to shave her head for her because of the uncomfortable stares she would get at other salons.

“It makes you really self-conscious because people know, and people don’t really know what to do. They stare at you, or they do not make eye contact with you.” Shaffer, who is now cancer-free, still enjoys the new room.

While her hair has grown back, Shaffer said a room like this is still a great option for those looking for more privacy.

“Honestly, when you are going through something like that, when you have cancer or when you have a child that has autism… this is a great opportunity. You can just come in and get pampered, which we all love. And you can just relax and feel good about it,” said Shaffer

Benji Salon and Spa’s official opening is June 14. The public is invited to visit the full-service salon and see what they have to offer.