CANNON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The long holiday weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. Day is giving a boost to West Michigan ski areas.

Cannonsburg Ski Area in Belmont saw a lot of skiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes Saturday, and the newly expanded tubing runs also saw bigger crowds.

A late start to the season with the warmer December weather meant many West Michigan ski hills missed out on the busiest time of the season, the week between Christmas and the New Years.

“We’re just moving forward, and we are enjoying every single day of winter. We’re hoping that it just kind of extends as far as possible into March,” Danielle Musto, spokesperson for Cannonsburg Ski Area, said.

Presidents Day weekend is also very important for the winter sports industry in Michigan.

News 8 Photographer Jeff Blakeman takes us to the slopes to get a peak at all the action.