WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — Mothers in the West Michigan area and their families bonded over a shared condition, preeclampsia, during a walk at Millennium Park late Saturday morning.

Preeclampsia affects pregnant women’s blood pressure, kidneys and other organs. It can lead to dangerous and life-threatening complications for the mother and her baby.

“Always make sure you’re talking to your physicians and work closely with your team of doctors and get the help you need as soon as you get that diagnosis,” Juliet Meyer, event chair, said.

This is Meyer’s second year leading the event. She didn’t know anything about preeclampsia until she started having complications while pregnant with her second child.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling taking my own personal experience and bringing together this community of families in Grand Rapids. It really brings a lot of joy to me, and it makes me feel that we can lean on each other and we have each other to get through the struggles that we’ve had to go through,” she said.

The goal was to raise $3,000. It will help further research and assist families. To learn more about local events visit the West Michigan Promise Walk for Preeclampsia Facebook page.