GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A man linked to several robberies in Grand Rapids was sentenced to prison for using a disabled woman’s stolen credit cards to make numerous purchases, ranging from a 32-inch television to dog leashes. 

Baylee Logan Levitt, already slapped with prison terms in June, returned to Kent County Circuit Court on Thursday to be sentenced for conducting a criminal enterprise. 

“You’re only 22 years old. I have sentenced you on prior matters,” Judge Scott A. Noto said. 

The judge sentenced Levitt to a term of 5.8 to 9 years, which will be served concurrent with his other sentences. 

“I’d like to apologize to the victim for my actions,” Levitt said before sentencing. 

Levitt and another man were arrested back in December for a string of armed robberies of individuals that occurred the previous month. 

The criminal enterprise case, investigated by the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, was filed four months later. 

In that case, Levitt was hired in October to assist a disabled woman after her move from Colorado to Grand Rapids, court records show. 

The woman, who was staying at a hotel in Cascade Township, reported that her vehicle, cellphone, Colorado driver’s license and credit cards were missing.  

Police discovered scores of unauthorized purchases to eBay, Apple, Best Buy, Ticketmaster and other businesses from the woman’s PayPal account. 

Levitt had access to the victim’s PayPal account “to send money to individuals of his choosing,” court records show. 

Surveillance video from a Walmart store shows Levitt using the woman’s credit card to purchase numerous items, including an LED television, compact vacuum, bathroom accessories, dog leashes, gray bedsheets, towels and three Roku indoor cameras, court records show. 

Levitt entered a plea to the criminal enterprise charge, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. 

“My client is ready to go to prison,” Levitt’s attorney said. “He is remorseful for what he has done.”