WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — Starting a new job is already stressful enough — but factor in tire theft, and you’ve got a stressed new employee.

Connor Chrystan told News 8 that he had just finished up his fourth day at Equipment Share when he decided to meet up with friends in Walker to watch football.

“I went to BW’s, or Buffalo Wild Wings, to watch the game with my friends, Thursday night football,” he said. “We were in there for about an hour, came back out and tried to start my truck up and was like, ‘Hmm, that’s weird. It’s not moving.’ I got out of my truck and the rear tires were gone on it. And there was a jack underneath it still.”

Walker police continue to investigate the case, but tire theft is not new to the area. In 2018, Kent County experienced a string of tire thefts that cost thousands of dollars in damages.

“It was truly was a bad time for us as we were trying to figure out who was responsible for that,” Kent County Undersheriff Chuck DeWitt said.

According to DeWitt, the best way to not fall victim to a crime of opportunity is to park in lit areas or near security cameras. He also said you should take your keys and valuables with you and always lock your vehicle.