WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — The city of Wyoming is rolling out a new program asking people to fill out a survey after interactions with dispatch or police.

The surveys will be sent via text message through a program called PowerEngage. They’ll start later this week.

“It is important for our department to hear from the community about how we are doing, especially from those that we have recently met,” Wyoming DPS Chief Kim Koster said in a statement. “(PowerEngage) will give me access to community feedback in near real time, providing insights into areas where we can improve the service we provide to Wyoming. It also has potential to boost officer morale when positive feedback is provided.”

The surveys will go to people whose numbers were recorded in a call for service or a police report. They’ll ask about people’s experiences and have space to add comments, feedback or thanks. If you get one of the texts but don’t want to take the survey, you can simply ignore it or reply STOP. You can also tell the department not to send you a text by calling 616.530.7309.

The Wyoming Department of Public Safety says it will be among the first in the region using the text surveys. The department is also preparing to announce a number people can call to offer comments.

Police reminded people not to use the text number to report a crime. You should still call 911 in the event of an emergency.