WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Police have released a sketch of a suspect in the shooting death of an 18-year-old in Wyoming last year.

A witness told the Wyoming Department of Public Safety that the suspect was a white man around the age 30. He was described as thin with a gray or light-colored beard. He was wearing a beanie or stocking cap and what were described as “scruffy” clothing.

A police sketch of a suspect in the November 2022 shooting death of Kane Coronado on Indian Mounds Drive in Wyoming.
A police sketch of a suspect in the November 2022 shooting death of Kane Coronado on Indian Mounds Drive in Wyoming.

The suspect was driving an older-model gray four-door sedan with minor body damage, but investigators noted he might have ditched or sold it since then and could be driving another type of car.

“This is a depiction of how the suspect looked back in early November,” Wyoming Police Capt. Timothy Pols told News 8 Wednesday. “Perhaps (people who see the sketch) know someone that looked like that and changed their appearance around that time period. Perhaps they know someone who looked or looks like that and drives a car similar to the one we’ve described.”

He acknowledged the vehicle description was vague but said that different witnesses gave different information, so police don’t want to rule anything out by being too specific.

The shooting happened the afternoon of Nov. 1 on Indian Mounds Drive SW south of the I-196 ramp. Police say Kane Coronado, 18, of White Cloud, was riding his bicycle when he was shot in the neck. Bystanders tried to help him but he died.

An undated photo of Kane Coronado. (Courtesy Christina White)
An undated photo of Kane Coronado. (Courtesy Christina White)

“Many of our typical investigative leads have not been fruitful to this point,” Pols said, explaining that the shooting happened in an area where there’s not much traffic and investigators don’t have much video.

“All of those things compiled have led us to a place where we’re really appealing to the public for assistance and hopefully this sketch will help that,” Pols said.

Police have struggled to nail down a motive, saying Coronado, who was in town visiting friends, wasn’t known to have enemies or cause problems.

“Everyone speaks the same of him: He enjoyed life, he was a good, decent person, so we need to have justice for Kane,” Detective Mitch Veldman said.

Coronado’s friend Christopher Abella described him as a good kid and a motivator, who would even teach older bike riders how to “wheelie.” This led to a special bond with other bicyclists, Abella called Coronado a little brother.

“It’s different not having him around, you know? It was a tough one,” Abell said. “He’d come over to most of our houses, spend the night, eat dinner. You know, we’d help the kid out. He had a troubled a history in life, he explained to us a lot about that, so we’d just try to help him see the bright in the future.

Abella is now hoping that the sketch will lead to an arrest.

“I ran right upstairs and told my wife, hey look they have a sketch out, maybe we’re going to get justice sooner than later,” Abella said. “Hopefully we can move forward and catch whoever did this.”

Anyone with information about the person, car or shooting is asked to call Veldman at 616.530.7347, Detective April Kroschel at 616.257.9747 or Silent Observer at 616.774.2345.

“Do the right thing,” Veldman said. “…Now is the time to come forward.”

Police said even if people think their information is insignificant or a long shot, it could be the key detail investigators need.

“We’re just really hoping this leads to some closure for Kane’s family,” Pols said.