WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Hundreds gathered in Wyoming Saturday to celebrate 100 years of Lee High School.

The centennial celebration coincided with the school’s homecoming game. People were able to enjoy the football game, marching band and cheerleaders as they celebrated this milestone. 

In the crowd was a group of friends who graduated together in 1974.

“Hanging around with these girls for as many years as we have is never going to die,” said Nenette Jones. “We get together still once in a while. Try to do every month since we’ve graduated.”

They joined the crowd in cheering for this year’s homecoming king and queen, along with the past kings and queens from 1958 until now. 

The celebration continued from the football field to Lee High School, which was open for people to come inside, socialize and learn more about the history of the school. There were dozens of pictures and articles inside the school’s gymnasium. 

People could also purchase a book about the school’s history called “100 Years at the Lee Street School.” The book was written by former superintendent of Godfrey-Lee Public Schools and former history teacher Thomas DeGennaros. 

Jaden Lambert, part of the homecoming court and marching band, said while his school is a pretty typical high school, the people are what makes it great. 

“I’d say my class is nice, my class is cool. We’re all cool. Like I don’t feel like nobody just like dislikes nobody for no reason,” Lambert said. 

For hundreds of alumni, the game and event at the school was a way for them to see old friends and celebrate the memories that they made at Lee High School, while passing on the stories and history of the school itself. 

“It’s always important to celebrate our history. It’s important for our current students to see what has come before them and has paved the way for them,” said principal Andy Steketee.