GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Linda Griggs just got the call she has spent the last three years hoping for.

The transplant program at Trinity Health St. Mary’s was on the other end of the line, scheduling her for a kidney transplant.

“I just got notified this week about that,” Griggs told News 8 Friday. “It’s just… It’s still sinking in.”

Linda Griggs. (Oct. 14, 2022)
Linda Griggs. (Oct. 14, 2022)

News 8 introduced you to Griggs in July. She was born with rare condition that has deteriorated her kidneys over the years. Her sister, other relatives and even total strangers got tested to give her one but didn’t qualify as a match. Time was running out and putting out organ donor signup sheets and flyers and handing out cards wasn’t getting the job done.

“I was looking at going on dialysis,” Griggs said. “I decided I needed to do something big. And my friends, my artist friends, came to my help.”

The end result, a 5-foot sign painted by an artist friend, went up in Griggs’ front yard in East Grand Rapids, telling all who passed her home, “I need a kidney,” and asking, “Can you share your spare?” It also included the web address to Griggs’ microsite on the National Kidney Registry website.

The sign was artistic but the message was simple. More importantly, it was effective.

A sign in Linda Griggs' yard asking for a kidney announces, "Got One!!!!" (Oct. 14, 2022)
A sign in Linda Griggs’ yard asking for a kidney announces, “Got One!!!!” (Oct. 14, 2022)

Local TV stations, including News 8, picked up the story. Views on Linda’s microsite on the National Kidney Registry went from eight people the week before the story aired to 120 the week after, and the numbers continued to climb.

“And a total of 137 registered on the kidney registry in my name. And of those, 70 went on the apply to Mercy Health in my name,” Griggs said.

One of those ended up being a match.

As for the others, Griggs said she hopes they would consider donating to someone else.

“The need it so great,” she said. “In the U.S., there are 100,000 people that need kidneys. And of those, in a given year, about 14,000 are lucky enough to get a transplant. And the rest go on dialysis. “

Even the people who didn’t qualify had an impact of Griggs’ life, emailing, calling or showing up on her doorstep to support her.

“These are just amazing, amazing, courageous and generous people,” Griggs said. “And I want them in my life. “

The surgery is set to happen Nov. 7. Griggs doesn’t know who the donor is. The information remains confidential.

The sign outside her home now bears a new message: “GOT ONE!!!!” She plans to pay it forward by offering the sign to others in need of a kidney transplant in hopes it will produce the same outcome.