ROCKFORD, Mich (WOOD) — After nearly a year of broken promises, the Agar family in Rockford finally got the happy ending they were hoping for, and it happened right before Christmas.

“Oh, best Christmas ever,” Becki Agar said.

This is a story News 8 has been following since November when Target 8 investigated a Rockford area contractor. He was accused of taking this family’s money and not delivering on a home construction project.

A Secret Santa contractor reached out to the newsroom and met with the family .

Shortly after, his team and other volunteers began making the renovations to the basement, which initially was not suitable for Johhny Agar’s needs.

The 27-year-old has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

“There was a sense of urgency,” the contractor said.

After four weeks of working on the project, the construction and design teams were finally able to make the big reveal two days before Christmas.

After four weeks of working on the project, the construction and design teams were finally able to make the big reveal to the Agar family two days before Christmas.

“It was such an answered prayer and such a blessing that the Secret Santa contractor came forward. And this whole army of people just came forward and did this for Johnny and it was absolutely amazing,” Johnny’s mom, Becki said.

As she, Johnny and his sister came down the stairs, their eyes were covered with a black blindfold. Once they were able to lift the covering, they were overwhelmingly surprised by what they saw.

Their eyes were opened wide and filled with tears as they glanced across Johnny’s new living space which is now ADA accessible.

There is now more space for Johnny to move around in his wheelchair and the appliances are accessible for Johnny to use.

“Johnny with his limitations can really do a lot down here that he wouldn’t have been able to do before,” the contractor said.

The project is estimated to have cost over $112 thousand dollars, with no cost to the family.

The no-show contractor made up for his mistakes and contributed the $9,000 he owed back to the family into the project.

“It makes me so very happy to know that he put his best foot forward and I hope he feels better about it,” Becki said.

Johnny, who was the site manager for the project, worked countless hours making sure everyone was on task.

He received an award for employee of the month. He worked enough to make over $1,000, which went towards the renovations.

“One of the things I try to do … is that I try to demonstrate how thankful I am by my actions, not by words,” Johnny said. “That is exactly what I have to do in this space, I have to use it for its intended purposes and that’s to work as hard as I possibly can because I was inspired by all of you and your dedication.”