GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Santa Claus Girls made their list, checked it twice and were finally able to deliver gifts to kids this Christmas.

The nonprofit was able to distribute gifts to 12,638 kids across the county. Each gift was filled with toys, clothes and handmade hats.

The pandemic slowed them down as they weren’t able to impact as many kids but for the first time in nearly three years they are back to a normal delivery day.

It’s a tradition spanning more than a hundred years, though it’s a different year for them now that they have their own space in the old DeltaPlex building. They hope it will be their forever home.

“Today is the end of what a year’s worth of planning has brought us and next year we are already starting to talk about gifts and delivery and things we can do better and things that didn’t work,” Tina Hudson, president of Santa Claus Girls, said.

It’s the first time the nonprofit has had to pay rent. Previously, organizations would donate a space for the group to use.

If you would like to contribute to gifts for next year or rent for the new space, you can donate online at You can also follow them on Facebook.