Wyoming police are increasing their presence at the Godwin Heights Learning Center Thursday as a precautionary measure to a rumored threat.

Around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night, Wyoming police were alerted of a social media post telling Godwin Heights students to take any lockdown at the school very seriously. Police haven’t determined the source of the social media post or found any information to substantiate a direct threat to the students, but are sending additional officers to the school for precautionary measures.

On Wednesday afternoon, police investigated an assault that occurred between two students at the Godwin Heights Learning Center. One of the students involved in the altercation reportedly made threatening statements about returning to the school, which prompted a precautionary lockdown until police made contact with the student.

Police said the student admitted to making a statement out of anger, but had no intention of following through. Both students have been contacted by police since the report of the social media post.