GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — State health officials released updated fish eating guidelines for two lakes in Kent County.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is warning residents of contaminated fish in Freska and Versluis lakes in Plainfield Township.

In 2017, the state tested fish from Freska Lake for PFAS and mercury. All the species of fish tested positive for both PFAS and mercury.

In Freska Lake, the state recommends eating no more than two servings of Bluegills, Sunfish or Bass smaller than 18 inches. The state also recommends eating no more than one serving of Bass longer than 18 inches. 

For Versluis Lake, the state recommends eating no more than two servings of Northern Pike smaller than 30 inches as well as no more than one serving of Northern Pike longer than 30 inches.

The recommendations come after PFAS and mercury were detected in Northern Pike.

Two weeks ago, Target 8 investigators reported elevated PFAS levels in Freska Lake. Target 8 also reported about how the state found fish contaminated with PFAS, but didn’t warn residents.

Freska Lake is close to the House Street dump in Belmont, where Wolverine Worldwide used to dump toxic sludge. The sludge contained PFAS — a possible carcinogen that has contaminated drinking water in the area.


If you are eligible for a whole-house water filtration system from Wolverine Worldwide, you can call 616.866.5627 or email

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Environmental Assistance Center can be reached at 1.800.662.9278.

Websites with additional information on the contamination: