GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Friday filed a brief opposing the decision to parole 57-year-old Catherine Wood.

Wood is one of the two former nurse’s aides sentenced in the Alpine Manor Nursing Home murders in 1987.

“Repeatedly, the parole board determined Ms. Wood to be a threat to the public,” Nessel said in a statement. “I am not sufficiently persuaded that Ms. Wood does not remain a threat to the public or that she has demonstrated true remorse for the many helpless, vulnerable victims she ruthlessly murdered while in her care.”

Wood and Gwendolyn Graham carried out crimes against elderly patients at the Alpine Manor Nursing Home in Walker. In total, Wood confessed to helping kill at least five patients, but they planned to kill more.

Wood got a deal and a 20- to 40-year sentence for second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder. She has served nearly 30 years of that sentence. 

The Michigan Department of Corrections parole board ordered Wood’s release in September, saying she was no longer a menace to society. That led to a lawsuit filed by victims’ families, who allege the parole board abused its discretion.

“She (Wood) continues to be a threat to the public and it is incumbent upon me as the state’s chief law enforcement officer to do everything possible to protect our state’s residents from those who endanger them,” Nessel said in a statement. 

At this point, Wood is still incarcerated.