GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Authorities say they discovered a man dead after the suspect, his son, apparently called his mother to say “dad was dead and bloody.”

Htet Tun, 18, was arraigned Monday on a count of open murder in the death of his father Aung Tun.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department went to the Tun home on Sunbrook Drive near 76th Street and Eastern Avenue in Cutlerville on Thursday after getting a call from a neighbor to check on Aung Tun.

According to court documents, Tun’s wife, who is in California, had asked the neighbor to check on him. Tun’s wife told the neighbor she hadn’t heard from her husband since the previous day.

“In addition, she (Tun’s wife) received a phone call the night prior from her son and said dad was dead and bloody in the basement,” the court document reads in part.

Deputies forced their way into the home. There, they said, they found Aung Tun dead in the basement. He had been shot in the head and chest.

They went back outside to wait for a search warrant. While waiting, the document says, they pinged Htet Tun’s phone and figured out what he was driving. That car soon showed up back at the house. Detectives approached.

“Htet Tun had his hands up but was being passive in commands,” the document read. “The decision was made to remove Htet from the vehicle.”

When detectives opened the door, they said, they saw a rifle. They say Htet Tun reached for it and there was a struggle. The sheriff previously said Detective Nathan Stanton grabbed the barrel of the gun, pushing it down so Tun could not shoot anyone.

“Detective Stanton stated he could feel resistance of the barrel coming up and leveling,” the court document read. “The firearm discharged and the firearms blowback from the barrel caused burn and puncture marks on the left hand of Detective Stanton. The right hand of Htet Tun had to be pried off the trigger and the handle of the firearm so it could be removed from the vehicle.”

The document added that the rifle jammed after the single shot was fired.

Body camera video released by the sheriff’s office last week shows detectives dragged Tun from the car and arrested him. He was not hurt, nor was anyone else.

Body camera video from the Kent County Sheriff's Office shows deputies struggling with suspect Htet Tun. One deputy sustained an injury to the hand. (April 28, 2022)
Body camera video from the Kent County Sheriff’s Office shows deputies struggling with suspect Htet Tun. One deputy sustained an injury to the hand. (April 28, 2022)

The court document said Htet Tun admitted to detectives that he shot his father.

In addition to the murder charge, Tun was also arraigned Monday on charges of discharging a firearm from vehicle causing injury; carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle; assaulting, resisting or obstructing an officer causing injury; three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon; and two weapons counts. Bond was set at $1 million.

Tun’s attorney had argued for a lower one.

“He does have a steady address. He is attending online high school at this time, so he is not employed because he is in school full-time,” attorney Patricia Eppler told the judge. “He’s not on probation or parole. Your honor, he’s indicated that he has had some contact with the juvenile system but at 18 years old, he has never been in the adult jail until this particular charge.”

Tun brought a gun to Byron Center High School in October 2021, sources confirmed to News 8. No one was hurt.

A police report from the case obtained by News 8, in which Tun’s name is redacted, say a student told the school resource that Tun had a gun in his backpack. Tun was removed from his classroom. In the backpack, officials found a handgun with an extended magazine and 32 live rounds. Tun was arrested and taken to juvenile detention.

Detective Stanton was treated at the hospital and sent home to recover. He is expected to recover fully.