BYRON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — State police are looking for two suspects who threw pieces of concrete onto US-131, hitting multiple vehicles near Byron Center.

It happened along southbound US-131 near 76th Street in Byron Township, south of Grand Rapids. Police say at least two vehicles were hit on Monday shortly before 6:30 p.m. They say they believe the same people returned Tuesday around the same time and damaged several other vehicles.

Michigan State Police said one driver whose car was hit on Monday said he saw the two suspects throw the object that damaged his car.

Another driver whose car was hit Monday, Rebecca Briggs, told News 8 her front windshield was damaged when the two young men hit her car.

“You don’t expect to have to deal with something like that when you’re just driving down the highway,” Briggs said. “You can’t help but take it a little bit personal especially after you hear of multiple people getting hit. I really was almost able to make direct eye contact with the kid who threw the rock. This is intentional. Right where he threw it, I mean, there was no doubt that he did that on purpose and I really do think they’re intending to harm people and it’s working.”

Briggs said it happened as she was heading toward the 76th Street exit. She said she noticed two figures peering over the barricade on the right side of the expressway but thought they were looking for something they may have dropped. She said as she got closer, one of the two people hopped onto the barricade, picked something up and hurled it at her windshield.

“Very close, very intentional, hit the middle of my windshield. At that point, it was slam on the breaks, get somewhere safe, make sure nobody else got hurt,” Briggs said.

Another driver passing by around the same time caught video on a dashboard camera near the 76th street exit. In the clip, there appears to be two people looking over the barricade.

“They may think that it’s funny, they make think it’s a prank and they don’t understand what repercussions could come from their actions and it could result in somebody being killed,” MSP Lt. Michelle Robinson said.

Robinson said the case is reminiscent of another in Flint in 2017 when teens dropped rocks from an I-75 overpass. A man was killed.

“This can happen and I don’t believe that these young people understand how severe their actions are,” Robinson said. “It is a malicious destruction of property. Depending on the damage to the windshield or the damage done to the vehicle, they could face anywhere from a misdemeanor to a felony charge.”

MSP had only a vague description of the suspects, who are believed to be young white males with short, dark hair. Police say they believe one of the young men wore a blue hooded sweatshirt or jacket, while the other person wore a red hoodie or jacket. The pair was last seen running toward nearby railroad tracks. Troopers searched the area but were not able to find the two.

Anyone with information is asked to call MSP’s Grand Rapids Post at 616.866.4411.