LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — As Michigan legislators prepare to head back to Lansing after spending most of the summer back in their districts, Democrats are demanding action when it comes to the likely carcinogen, PFAS.

House Democratic Leader Sam Singh and a half-dozen of his colleagues held a news conference Tuesday to demand the Republican majority take action against PFAS.

The group says it wants legislation to create safer water quality standards, as well as oversight hearings to give families answers.

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Among the House members was Grand Rapids Rep. Winnie Brinks, who is running for the state Senate seat in Kent County, where PFAS has been detected in drinking water.

Brinks urged fellow lawmakers to pass her bill, which would establish a maximum acceptable level of PFAS at 5 parts per trillion. The current federal advisory level is 70 parts per trillion.

“This cap would be the lowest in the country and would ensure that the water coming out of Michiganders’ taps is worthy of being called pure. Access to clean safe drinking water is a fundamental human right and yet today marks 265 days since my legislation, House Bill 5375 was introduced,” Brinks said.

She wants to see her legislation move when the House returns to work Wednesday. But with just nine session days between now and the election, action on any major initiatives is not likely.