GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Two organizations will deliver hundreds of nutritious, shelf-stable meals to West Michigan seniors this weekend.

Volunteers from Meals on Wheels Western Michigan and Health Alliance Plan, which is a Michigan-based nonprofit health plan, packed 1,700 emergency meal kits over the past week. On Saturday, more than 80 vans filled with volunteers will deliver health food options and a social connection to some of Michigan’s most vulnerable.

“These emergency meal boxes are used just in case of inclement weather — we all know how Michigan gets,” Kayla Herold, volunteer manager at Meals on Wheels Western Michigan, said. “And just in case the roads are too bad, we know that our senior clients have good, nutritional, shelf-stable food in their homes. We don’t have to worry about any food insecurity.”

HAP says 1 in 14 seniors face hunger across the country daily. Claire Horlings, a Strategic Partnership Representative with HAP, told News 8 that prioritizing community-based giving like this weekend’s meal rollout is essential to the agency’s mission.

Volunteers will also use the meeting to remind people of additional winter safety tips.

“Making sure that walkways are cleared,” Horlings said. “In inclement weather, making sure our seniors are safe in their homes. And as mail is being delivered, knowing that they are a little more vulnerable physically, and so having this opportunity to go and meet them at their home certainly helps to prevent any potential accidents that might happen physically.”

Every year, Meals on Wheels provides more than 6,000 seniors with food either through its delivery program or at one of its communal dining sties.