WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — A man has admitted to killing his wife’s children’s father outside of a Walmart in March.

Tyray Daquion Holliday, 27, pleaded guilty on Monday to second degree murder and felony firearm in the death of LaVail Dwayne Walker, 29. A charge of carrying a concealed weapon was dismissed.

On March 14, Holliday was shopping at the Walmart on 54th Street near US-131, at the same time Walker was dropping Holliday’s wife off at the store, court documents say.

“There is no reason to believe either party knew that the other was at the store,” investigators said in March.

Walker drove toward where Holliday was parked and got out of his car. Holliday told investigators he thought Walker may have had a gun, so he shot him. Walker ran away and Holliday shot him again, he said.

Walker died at the scene.

The scene of a deadly shooting at the 54th Street Walmart in Wyoming. (March 14, 2022)

Holliday’s wife and Walker had children together, court documents say.

His sentencing is scheduled for October.