EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A local restaurant’s redesign will be featured on Magnolia Network next year.

Olive’s Restaurant in East Grand Rapids reopened its doors this week, following a three-week renovation with the help of local designer Jean Stoffer.

“It was definitely in need of a face-lift,” owner Charlene Montpetit said. “The food was already great, but we could elevate the interior to the level of the food.”

Montpetit and her husband bought Olive’s last October. They told News 8 that while the design process took months, the actual renovations were incredibly quick.

“If we were to ever own a restaurant, this is the perfect opportunity. It was already well established, well-loved within the community, so we said let’s try it,” Montpetit said.

While patrons can now see the remodel by simply stepping through the restaurant’s doors, the entire redesign process was also caught on camera and will be featured in season three of Stoffer’s show on Magnolia Network.

“Jean Stoffer has a show on the Magnolia Network called ‘The Established Home,'” Montpetit said. “So we will be an episode in season three, which should be coming out in January.”

This is not the first time a Grand Rapids-area business has been featured on “The Established Home.”

Last year, East Hills shop Honey Jewelry Co. was also featured.

“Having that exposure, we had a pretty big pop when the show first aired,” said founder and co-owner Nick Ahlberg. “But still every week, we’ll have someone walk in and say, ‘OMGosh, I saw you on the show. I had no idea you were here until I saw that.'”

Ahlberg’s custom design jewelry shop focuses on engagement and wedding rings. He said while he understands the process of ring shopping can be stressful, his shop was intentionally designed to create a softer, more welcoming environment.

“This is my take on a really elevated experience, and it’s still approachable for folks,” Ahlberg said. “We specialize in engagement rings and wedding bands. And it’s a very important purchase, so we want people to feel comfortable but also special, and just have fun.”