LOWELL, Mich. (WOOD) — Curtis Cleaners & Laundry off Main Street in Lowell rolled out new washers and dryers this month that can be operated through a mobile app.

The mobile app HUBESCH allows customers to go cashless and customize their laundry mat services.

“It’s real easy,” said customer James Johnson, who owns his own commercial cleaning company. “You just download it and go ahead and link it to your Apple Pay or debit card and you just push a few buttons. Even I can do it and I’m 54 years old.”

Coin operation is still available to those who prefer to use cash or do not have a smartphone.

“It tells you which washers and dryers are available by number,” said Arika Williams, a dry cleaner at Curtis. “It will also send you a text when it’s finished.”

The new machines and app cost a little more than a half million dollars. Store owners told News 8 that their downtown Grand Rapids location will see similar technology updates within the next couple of months.