KENTWOOD, Mich. (WOOD) — A car came crashing through Grand Traverse Pie Company on 28th Street in Kentwood Thursday afternoon. Three people were hurt, but everyone is expected to survive.

Friends Marilyn Kacher and Kathy Anderson were inside the restaurant. They have a standing lunch date every Thursday.

“We were done with lunch. We were just sitting there like we do. We take 3-hour lunches … I literally thought a bomb went off” said Kacher.

“It was the loudest thing. It just… boom! and then we could hear all the glass,” said Anderson.

When the car plowed through the front of the restaurant, it just missed Kacher and Anderson’s table.

“The whole car was in” the restaurant, Anderson said.

Anderson called 911 while Kacher helped a man on the floor and checked on the driver of the car.

A close call for sure. The brush with tragedy was especially bizarre, as the ladies had only recently resumed their weekly lunches after taking a hiatus while Anderson battled cancer.

“We thought isn’t that something to make it all thru that and then all of a sudden get picked off by a Chevy in a restaurant,” said Anderson.

Concern for the people injured and curiosity of how they were going to get the car out of the restaurant kept the women close to the scene until the emergency crews had left.

“What a Thursday! Much different than our typical lunches,” said Kacher.

Shaken but not deterred, the standing Thursday lunch dates will continue–the ladies will probably just pick a different booth.

“As soon as they get patched up, we’ll be back. But I don’t think we’ll sit by the window,” said Anderson.