GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan native is featured in Adam Sandler’s newest movie.

Hustle” was released on Netflix last week. Sandler plays a basketball scout. Queen Latifah also stars in the film.

Micah Lancaster was born and raised in West Michigan. He went to Comstock Park High School and played basketball at Spring Arbor University. He started I’m Possible, a basketball training program, in 2009 and brought it home to West Michigan to start the company’s world headquarters here.

“Because we’ve trained over 100 NBA players as an organization, they wanted to bring authenticity to the training scenes and to actually showcase a player building up for the NBA draft,” said Lancaster.

Lancaster is featured in the movie’s training montage.

“For me acting was doing what I normally do in it,” he said. “It was fortunate that I could just be myself and train players and just bring what I do and what we do as an organization into the film.”

Lancaster said he did get the opportunity to work directly with Adam Sandler.

“We’re doing all the training scenes together. He’s phenomenal to work with. He’s just Adam. I don’t even know if he’s acting. It’s just who he is. It was awesome to be with him and to see him in action,” Lancaster said.

“Hustle” is available to watch on Netflix now.