GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Kent District Library kicked off its summer program Monday.

Summer Wonder is the biggest program the library puts on, Josh Mosey, the digital marketing strategist for KDL, said.

You can pick up a booklet at any branch or download the Beanstack app to track your progress and earn points by reading, doing activities and participating in library events. There are activities for all ages, like blowing bubbles or counting your fingers for kids 4 years old or younger, or making a tinfoil boat and seeing how much it can hold for kids ages 5 through 10.

There are also tons of events this summer. KDL is partnering with John Ball Zoo, the Critter Barn and a llama farm to bring several unique animals to its branches, from alligators and kangaroos to llamas and goats. It will also have several performers, like a magician and a juggler. Jim Gill, a big name in kids’ music, will also be performing, Mosey said.

He said the programs are aimed to keep kids engaged during the summer months.

“I have two kids — amazing kids — and school just ended. I do not want them to spend the next three months staring at screens or just forgetting absolutely everything that they learned, or even how to learn,” he said. “So in order to fight the summer slide, I think a lot of parents can turn to the library and access our resources to help kids.”

He said the programs will encourage kids to maintain critical thinking skills.

There will also be some cultural programs, like a “Being Bilingual Rocks” event and an event featuring Native American dancers.

“I was able to attend one of those sessions last year and it was just eye-opening to see what’s happening in the Native American community and understanding some of those cultural things that I wasn’t raised to understand,” Mosey said. “… I think it’s a great opportunity for kids to have their horizons broadened.”

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