KENTWOOD, Mich. (WOOD) —Kentwood’s 62-B District Court is starting a new mediation program.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, will offer mediation to more people, rather than taking their cases to court, it said in a Tuesday release.

When a case enters mediation instead of the court, a mediator helps people resolve disagreements outside of the courtroom by coming up with a solution both sides agree with.

The court hopes the plan will help resolve disputes while saving people time and money, as well as help preserve relationships.

“Court cases involve a significant financial and emotional investment,” 62-B District Court Judge Amanda Sterkenburg said in the release. “I am proud the 62-B District Court is offering this plan as a way to save time and money for those seeking resolution, preserve relationships and help each party walk away more satisfied.”

When a case is referred to mediation, the people involved will receive a letter telling them they can use the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan or a private mediator. An ADR clerk will work with them to make sure they understand the process and make sure mediation is completed.

The court is accepting applications for mediators. Applications can be found on its website, and should be submitted to 62-B District Court ADR Clerk Lakeshia Gilbert at