GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Deputies from Kent County will be helping law enforcement at the Kentucky Derby Saturday.

Two Kent County deputies and two Grand Rapids police mounted unit team members were invited, the Kent County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. It said this is first time the Louisville Metro Police Mounted Unit Team has invited an out-of-state agency to patrol at the event.

The sheriff’s offices mounted unit team leaders had attended trainings with the Louisville Police mounted unit at the Mounted Police Training Academy Instructor Training and The National Mounted Police Colloquium last year.

They “developed a relationship of respect and good rapport with the Louisville Metro Police Mounted Unit Team,” the sheriff’s office said. “Based on our performance at last year’s events, they have extended a request to our Mounted Unit to come down and train and patrol with them for the weekend of the Kentucky Derby.”

Almost 200,000 people will be at the event.

“That is an environment that you just can’t create during a normal training day at the Rockford Facility,” the sheriff’s office said. “We feel it’s a great opportunity to see current best practices from a full time mounted unit and are honored to be invited to assist in contributing to the safety and security of such a prestigious international sporting event.”

They have been sworn in as special deputies by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.