WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Being a business owner comes with challenges, but the owner of Queen Latrese Hair and Bundle Factory says she’s committed to finding ways to give back.

“The business has done so great that I’m like, I have to give back to the community. Especially the community that supports me,” Latrese Dentmond said.

Dentmond opened three beauty supply stores in the Grand Rapids area within a year.

A photo shows Queen Latrese Wig and Bundle Factory, located at 1072 28th St. SW.

“At first I was doing lashes for a couple years in Grand Rapids and then I wanted to do hair. I wanted to do something different, so I started doing hair. Then I started selling hair and I did very well so I opened up a store on Eastern (Avenue),” she said.

Dentmond added two more stores after that, one on Kalamazoo Avenue and the other on 28th Street.

Unfortunately first store on Eastern Avenue was damaged by smoke from a fire at a neighboring business.

Despite that, Dentmond stays positive by focusing on the stores she still has and how she can help others.

“I used to be in a shop and I used to have to have my booth rent every week and I know sometimes that was stressful. So I wanted to give back to the community but I didn’t know how to,” she said.

Dentmond decided to use the empty space in the back of her 28th Street store to set up a salon, giving people an opportunity to practice their craft completely free.

“I got chairs back there that I did for the community so you can come in and you get a station. We do your interview, like what kind of hair you do and (do) you want to work full-time or part-time, and that allows you to get a chair back there and you have free booth rent,” she explained.

(Queen) Latrese Dentmond offers a free space for stylists to do hair in the salon of her beauty shop on 28th Street SW.

Most hairstylists pay between $150 to $200 a week to have a hair booth. So when Dentmond opened up the opportunity, peopled jumped on it.

“It was actually overwhelming at first because I didn’t know so many people wanted to be in a shop and needed help,” she explained.

Dentmond said when you first start doing hair, it can take time to build a clientele. If you don’t have enough customers, paying booth rent every week can be a challenge.

She hopes this opportunity will allow people to do what they love, build a customer base and support themselves and their family.

She’s also hopeful her hard work and success as a business owner inspires others to never to give up on their goals.

“If it’s something that you want to do in life, do it no matter,” she said. “Sometimes it might be intimidating, but just do it. You can do anything.”