WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan boy is being hailed a hero this week after he made a lifesaving call to police.

Chance Steward, 6, woke up on Oct. 13 to find his dad suffering from a severe asthma attack. While the young boy had seen his father have episodes before, this attack was more severe than usual, according to his mom.

“This was the first time he’s lost consciousness and passed out from that,” Kayla Steward said.

Chance and his family had just moved to their home in Walker months prior, so he wasn’t able to tell dispatch a lot — but he did know the name of their street.

“Not every 6-year-old would know how to do that, or even if they knew how to do that, would do it,” Walker’s community engagement officer, Mitch Harkema, said. “This kid was woken up from sleeping and found his dad having his trouble and called for help.”

Kayla Steward works the night shift and told News 8 that she was surprised to see her husband, Bobby, calling her so late at night.

But when she answered the phone, it wasn’t Bobby Steward on the other side of the line. It was Walker police.

“‘Your husband was found unconscious on the front porch. Your son called the police.’ And that’s all they told me,” she said.

When Kayla Steward arrived back home, first responders had treated her husband for the medical episode, and Chance was calmly sitting with police.

Chance’s quick thinking was rewarded this week as the Walker Police Department presented the young boy with a Citizen Life Saving Award and a pizza party.

But perhaps his favorite part of the ceremony, according to his mom, was a specific part of the station tour.

“He really wanted to see an actual jail cell,” she said. “And they had the holding tanks over there, so he got to see that.”