EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A dog that was found abandoned on a road in East Grand Rapids has recovered enough to go home to her new family.

After nearly a week of recovery at an emergency medical care facility, Hope’s lab work came back stable enough for her to go home. She will be living with one of the passersby that discovered her on the side of the road last Friday and decided to rush her to the hospital.

Hope still has a ways to go to get to optimal health, according to a Facebook page dedicated to her recovery, but she seemed in good spirits Wednesday night.

“Today she was all tail wags an love for her humans (she is the sweetest girl),” read the post.

It’s still unclear how Hope ended up on the road but according to a veterinarian, she may have been used as a breeding dog and dumped. She had low blood sugar, skin infections, a high white cell count and was being monitored for kidney disease, according to a GoFundMe that has now raised over $20,000 to cover Hope’s medical bills.