WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — The owner of a Walker home where three people were murdered nearly two decades ago has taken down a Halloween display that echoed the circumstances of the killings.

The display outside the home on Walker Avenue NW had included three gravestones surrounded by crime scene tape and red handprints on the glass front door, along with the words “help us” written in red.

In 2003, Jon Siesling killed his mother Sharon and younger sisters Katelin and Leah in the home, beating and stabbing them.

The Halloween display had faced backlash on social media and concerns from neighbors.

“I would say it’s a little in poor taste,” neighbor Nate Reed told News 8 Wednesday. “I wouldn’t do it in my yard, but of course, I don’t live in a triple-homicide house.”

The homeowner said she knew and was close with the Sieslings. She said she helped clean the blood after the murders. She said the Halloween display was a way to help process what happen and that it was also for the enjoyment of her grandchildren.

On Thursday, the display was gone. Only some pumpkins remained along the walk.

A Halloween display was removed from a house on Walker Avenue NW where three people were killed in 2003. (Oct. 14, 2021)

Siesling was 17 at the time of the murders. His case recently came up for resentencing because it happened when he was a minor; his sentence of life in prison was reaffirmed.