WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — The superintendent of Godfree-Lee Public Schools is stepping down.

In a letter to the school’s community, Superintendent Mike Burde said serving the students alongside the staff has been a joy and that stepping down is “heartbreaking.”

“After much prayer and discussion, our family has come to a point in which it’s very clear that either myself or my wife need to take a step back from our career pathway. For more than 20 years, my wife has supported me in so many ways to chase down my dreams as an educator. The time for me to do the same for her is long overdue and as such, I will be stepping down as your superintendent so that I can be a more involved husband and parent.”

A letter to parents from Superintendent Mike Burde said in part

In a letter to the community, School Board President Eric Mockerman said the board is committed to making the transition smooth while supporting students, staff and the community.

“We will be welcoming back Dirk Weeldreyer to serve in an interim capacity as we assemble a more permanent plan for the future. Please expect to see Dr. Burde and Mr. Weeldreyer working together next week as this transition plan begins to take shape,” Mockerman said.

Mockerman said Burde’s last “official” workday is Feb. 10.