ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — First responders and healthcare workers learned skills and techniques to help you during a public health emergency or disaster during training this weekend.

Region 6 Health Coalition taught the training at the Alpine Township Fire Station located on Henze Street. Emergency service personnel, police, firefighters, nurses and technicians were all part of the two-day training that started Saturday.

There were four different exercises: PPE and decontamination, emergency operations and field mass casualty and management.

Each exercise was a lesson in making the quick and right decisions when treating victims and transporting them away from a scene safely.

“We hope it never happens but we want to make sure our first responders and first receivers always have the training that they need. Using the skills, they learned today they may be able to help many many lives down the road,” Luke Aurner, Region 6 Healthcare Coalition coordinator, said.

Volunteers from across the region assisted in making the training more realistic. If you would like to volunteer for future simulations, you can visit the Michigan Volunteer Registry’s website.