GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — An investigation has been launched into a fight that happened Thursday at East Kentwood High School.

Video recorded by bystanders was circulating online Thursday, prompting outrage. It shows two students fighting in the hallway. At one point, one of the students is kicked repeatedly in the head while already on the ground.

In a letter to parents, East Kentwood High School Principal Omar Bakri called the actions “disturbing and unacceptable” and said they do not represent the school’s values.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to News 8 that the school resource officer was looking into the fight. The district and Kentwood Police Department are also investigating.

“Students often do not realize that their behaviors are governed both by district policies and the law. The district cooperates fully with the law enforcement in their ongoing work,” wrote Kentwood Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Polston in a letter to families.

The principal said the school was looking into “what led up to the incident, and (would) respond in the appropriate manner.”

“This type of behavior, regardless of any circumstance, is not tolerated at East Kentwood High School,” Bakri wrote.

He asked parents to talk with their kids about handling conflicts and remind them to go to adults with problems before they “get out of hand.”

Polston called the exchange “the last reprehensible seconds of a longer altercation.”

“Prior to the escalation of the physical altercation, both students had an opportunity to not engage,” he wrote.

A few dozen concerned community members gathered at the school Thursday afternoon to speak to school leaders about the fight and the school’s response.

“When I first saw the video it was very shocking because not only am I a student at EK but I’m a new student at EK. And it was only the fourth day of school so once I first saw it, it was very shocking and I just felt immediate discomfort and disgust by the video because it was very brutal,” said one student at the gathering.

Polston said he was at Thursday night’s meeting with concerned parents and called it “productive and important.”

“Parents shared their concerns and asked meaningful questions about the incident and district policies. We had a productive discussion around prevention and ongoing ways to create a positive and safe learning environment,” wrote Polston.

He said KPS leadership would be communicating more information about next steps in the coming days.

“Disagreements between students are inevitable. How students respond to those disagreements is what is most important, not only in a school setting, but outside of school, as well. We want our students to understand that when disputes or disagreements arise, they have choices that can be made that produce better outcomes and reflect our district and community’s values,” Polston said.

He advised parents to talk with their children about how to make good choices when disagreements arise.

“Please encourage your child to seek out an adult at the school to talk with and to share their concerns or questions. Please let them know that they will be supported as they make positive decisions in difficult situations,” Polston wrote.

He said tomorrow morning, staff at East Kentwood High School will lead a lesson on “high expectations for a positive school culture and appropriate conflict resolution responses.” There will also be additional staff on hand to support students.

— News 8’s Demetrios Sanders contributed to this report.