WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan business owner says his story proves that the “west side is the best side.”

Tim Sobie, the owner of Sobie Meats, took to Facebook this week to brag about the Walker community after a stranger returned a bag of money that an employee had mistakenly dropped in the parking lot.

“We do have good people in this world and we just found another,” the post said.

Sobie says it started Wednesday, when the bank deposit was lost. He and his team spent all Thursday looking for it before they finally got the idea to check the surveillance tapes. That’s when they spotted the envelope and saw a man pick it up. At that point, Sobie called the police to see if there was a way to recover it. But before officers arrived, the good Samaritan walked through the door.

“It was just before closing last night, the gentleman that found it came in and said, ‘I drove around front, you guys were closed up.’” Sobie told News 8. “He started working yesterday morning the same time we opened, so it was after he got out of work that he drove over here. He had never been in the store before. And he drove over here and said, “Hey, I found this, I just wanted to make sure it got back to you.’”

Sobie said he was extremely grateful that the stranger decided to do the right thing and that the next round of steaks will be on the house.

“Here on the west side of Grand Rapids, everybody looks out for one another,” Sobie said. “What a beautiful, beautiful thing.”