WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan father is still missing several weeks after he disappeared, and family members say there are still no leads.

Police have been looking for 69-year-old Ray Tarasiewicz since just before Thanksgiving.

News 8 spoke with Tarasiewicz’s daughter, Amanda McCarty, on Wednesday afternoon. During the interview, police called her to let her know they are not giving up.

Neither is McCarty. She has spent the last month and a half trying to find her missing dad and won’t stop until she finds answers.

An undated photo of Raymond Tarasiewicz.
An undated photo of Raymond Tarasiewicz. (Courtesy Wyoming Department of Public Safety)

“It’s like a bad movie of like vanished without a trace for me,” McCarty said. “It’s a daily reminder that we don’t have that closure yet.”

Tarasiewicz, who turns 70 next month, suffers from dementia and has Type 2 diabetes. He relies on medication.

“All that medication … he left behind,” McCarty said. “Right now, we’re going over almost two months of him without having that medication. I spoke with his doctor … his outlook does not look too promising.”

The morning of Nov. 21, Tarasiewicz’s wife saw him sleeping in their Wyoming home. When she came back home from work, he was gone. He left most of his belongings, only bringing his boots, sweatshirt and house keys.

“I don’t see a possibility of him leaving just to leave,” McCarty said. “I feel like it’s possible he got lost and lost his sense of direction … it’s harder for him in his dementia state that he’s adjusting to.”

Her dad walks around Wyoming often, to the bank, the grocery store or his favorite bowling alley nearby. But McCarty said the way he left that morning was extremely unusual.

“The biggest concern is he left with no coat,” McCarty said. “No cell phone. And he didn’t have his ID on him. He didn’t have a debit or credit card either.”

His family reported him missing as it turned dark that night. Police with K-9 tracking his scent scoured the area, along with family and friends. They knocked on doors and checked surveillance cameras, trying to find something.

McCarty said they also contacted all of his family and friends, but no one has seen him. They even visited his previous homes and checked out several areas he typically goes.

Still, even several weeks since the search began, McCarty says only one person has reported seeing her dad.

“Our neighbor across the street from our family home says she saw him shoveling the driveway,” McCarty explained. “We recently had a big snowstorm, that Monday morning. But he or she could not provide a specific time.”

“We have at least one confirmation from that Monday, but ever since then, surveillance, bus footage, doorbell cameras, he’s vanished,” she added. “It just leads me down a rabbit hole of worse-case scenarios that maybe he’s lost.”

In her family’s time of need, the community has stepped up. More than a thousand people joined Amanda’s Facebook group dedicated to finding Tarasiewicz. They’ve put up billboards across the area.

“I didn’t expect this reaction or engagement,” she said. “So it’s definitely heartwarming … it does help that people do care and people are wanting to help.”

“We’re all very thankful,” she said.

But the trail is still dry.

“The case is still open and actively being worked,” Wyoming Department of Public Safety Capt. Tim Pols said in a statement to News 8 on Wednesday afternoon. “We do not have any updates to report.  We would appeal to the public for any information regarding Mr Tarasiewicz.”

Although McCarty persists in her search, the continual setbacks in the investigation are discouraging.

“It’s just a really scary place we’re at right now in regards to what can we do next,” McCarty said. “Where do we search next? Where do we go next? What more can I do as his daughter to find him?”

She described the last month and a half as a “constant struggle of ups and downs.” Some days, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, have been especially hard for her family.

“I blame myself every day that I should’ve done more to prevent this from happening,” McCarty said. “I know you can only do so much from afar or so much face to face, I know it’s not my fault, but I still carry that weight. I’m just really angry.”

The good news is the search is expanding.

McCarty said that Wyoming police plan to extend their search on Thursday to south of 54th Street between Division Avenue and Byron Center Avenue.

She isn’t giving up hope she’ll be reunited with her father.

“We have that sliver of hope that he’ll come back home,” she said.

“He was always just this big loving teddy bear to me,” McCarty said about her father. “I was his only child, and he called me princess. He loved me. He loved my mother. He loved his grandkids.”

If you live in Wyoming and have a surveillance camera, McCarty said it would be helpful to check footage between Nov. 21 and Nov. 22. If the video shows her dad walking by, it could be essential for the investigation, McCarty said.

If you have any other information, contact Wyoming police at 616.530.7300 or Silent Observer at 616.774.2345.

*Correction: A previous version of this article included an error in the transcription of McCarty’s final quote. We regret the mistake, which has been fixed.