EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — East Grand Rapids is preparing for spring and summer with a series of improvements to parks and other recreation areas.

City Manager Shea Charles said the city and its businesses are seeing great re-invigoration as they emerge from the pandemic. One of the new projects is a dog park along Reed’s Lake Boulevard.

“We’re really excited to bring this to fruition as part of our 2021 parks improvement millage. It’s one of many projects throughout the city,” Charles said.

The millage has provided money to improve other places like John Collins Park, the Community Center the Public Safety Building.

“The 2021 millage focused on parks improvement of five playgrounds throughout the city … four of which in partnership with the public schools. Manhattan Park’s going to see some really significant upgrades in the summer of 2024, so we’re excited to see that. All this is done in conjunction with the 2020 master plan,” said Charles. “It’s going to be a really great improvement for the community.”

This summer, Charles recommends Reed’s Lake Trail as well as concerts and movies in the park at John Collins. For dates and times, visit EastGR.org