BYRON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A woman in Byron Center who spent decades without knowing her biological father is planning to bring their families together.

Cheryl Lambert, 40, was raised by her single mother and always had questions about her dad as she was growing up.

Pictured left: Cheryl Lambert as a teen and adult woman

Lambert began to wonder about this mystery man when she was 16, but she was never able to get any answers from family members. 

Pictured: Cheryl Lambert and her biological father, Paul, when she visited him for the first time last April.

After years of not getting any information, the void prompted Lambert to try the ’23andMe’ DNA testing kit, which was referred to her by a friend.

It quickly connected her to a half-brother, who lives in Seattle. He was then able to lead her to their father, 58-year-old Paul Winters of Clarksville, Tennessee.

Lambert and her teenage daughter were able to fly to Tennessee last April to meet Winters and other relatives they had never met.

“When we met it was like a part of me felt more full. It made me feel like I wasn’t missing anything anymore,” Lambert said. “Now that we’ve talked it’s like we haven’t lost all of those years. We all think alike.”

Lambert and her newfound family were supposed to ring in the new year to celebrate their first holiday together. However, since they couldn’t meet, they are now making even bigger plans.

“I’m trying to get them all to move down here so we can be one big happy family,” Winters said.