GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — After a recent string of break-ins, deputies are reminding people that they should not leave guns and keys inside their cars.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday morning it responded overnight to two stolen vehicle reports, as well as a report of a pistol stolen from a car in Grand Rapids Township, around the area of Crahen Avenue and Bradford Street.

In addition, there have been new reports of stolen cars “about every day” over the past week in places like Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade Township and Byron Township, deputies said — and four new guns are on the street after being left in cars and then stolen.

The sheriff’s office said when it found one stolen vehicle, taken from the area of Cascade Road and Spaulding Avenue and found in Grand Rapids, the vehicle had multiple bullet holes.

Stolen cars are often used in break-ins, and stolen guns can be used to commit serious crimes, deputies said.

Because of this, the sheriff’s office advised against leaving guns and keys inside your car, no matter where it is parked.