WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Six teenagers arrested in Wyoming Wednesday are believed to be involved in several thefts, including of guns, cars and credit cards, and police chases, deputies say.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office says the arrests happened after a Jeep stolen about 10 days ago was spotted at a hotel on Clyde Park Avenue SW north of 60th Street.

“…The stolen car was actually stolen out of Solon Township (near Cedar Springs) and yet, then used throughout the county to commit various offenses to include theft from vehicles, armed robberies and eventually culminating in police pursuits…” Undersheriff Chuck DeWitt told News 8.

Officers approached as five suspects came out of the hotel and went toward the Jeep. The five ran away but were soon arrested.

Short clips of body camera released Thursday by the sheriff’s office show detectives getting out of cars in the hotel parking lot and shouting, “Stop, police!” It shows the detectives chase the teens through the hotel and out the other side, across a parking lot.

When investigators searched the suspects’ hotel room, they found one more suspect. The suspects include five boys and a girl ranging in age from 15 to 17.

Deputies say two stolen guns were also found: one in the room and one in the Jeep.

The sheriff’s office said it thinks the teens are responsible for stealing several cars and thefts from fitness centers. Detectives also think the suspects were involved in one of the two chases that happened in metro Grand Rapids early Tuesday.

“It’s also another example of why we have been so insistent with the public to call in and be good witnesses, because again, stolen firearms were part of this incident and firearms were used in some of the crimes that were committed,” DeWitt said.

Investigators are seeking 16 criminal charges, though a Thursday release did not list them. It will be up to the prosecutor to decide whether the suspects will be charged as juveniles or adults.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office said it was also working with other agencies to see if the teens may have been responsible for more crimes.