GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Carol Glanville, a Democrat, is projected to win the special election to fill the vacant 74th Michigan House District seat.

She will represent the west side of Kent County. Glanville won with around 52% percent of the vote. Her win will not be official until the Board of Canvassers certify the votes.

The two other candidates were write-in candidate Mike Milanowski Jr. and Republican Robert “R.J.” Regan. Regan saw controversy during the race over a rape analogy he used and comments he made about the Ukraine war during a livestream.

The seat was vacated when Mark Huizenga was elected to the 28th Senate District; that Senate seat had been left free when Peter MacGregor left to become the Kent County treasurer.

Glanville said it’s been around 30 years since a Democrat won that seat.

“I think it’s just a huge commentary on where we are as a community,” she told News 8. “I know that this was supposed to be an unwinnable seat, but to imagine that people can set aside their political differences and come together around fundamental values — decency, integrity — it’s just so powerful. And look what we did.”

She said she’s relieved and described the race as an “uphill climb.”

“I’m also just thrilled and honored to be able to serve the people in the 74th and across the aisle. Truly we had bipartisan support in this election and that means a lot to me as a representative, to be able to go and represent the entire community,” she said.

Glanville’s term will about eight months in the Michigan House of Representatives. Another primary election will be held on Aug. 2 and a general election will be held on Nov. 8.

“We start all over again tomorrow,” she said. “We still are working on the 84th, the new district for the fall, so just looking forward to taking this work and moving it right over to November and having a win there to help with the House.”

— News 8’s Rachel Van Gilder contributed to this report.